Magento Services

Construct your Store with Magento, the eCommerce giant

If you are asking yourself "Why Magento?," then let me show you some of Magento advantages:

  1. Magento, as an eCommerce platform under open source license, can fit different projects and their requirements.
  2. It is custom designed for eCommerce platforms.
  3. You have the choice to pick the most suitable hosting solution to your budget and business requirements.
  4. Magento features HTML5 capabilities, so you will a responsive and flawless design on different devices.
  5. You can manage more than one store through one backend.
  6. Magento is considered one of the fastest regarding the page load speed.
  7. No limits regarding integrating with third-party components.
Magento Services
Magento Development or Customization
As we know every project has its own needs, our experts immerse in your business to assure that everything is fittable to your requirements and deliver the best eCommerce experience to your customers.
Magento Migration
Efficiency is our way of dealing with migrating your online store to Magento. Your data is in safe hands as we make sure that we use tools to migrate securely at low costs.
Magento Responsive Design
Our services extend to provide a solution regarding making your online store functions on various touchpoints. So whatever the screen size your client is using, the quality will remain as we use bootstrap to adjust the content to different screen sizes.
Digital Marketing
We offer various Digital Marketing services and provide you with an excellent consultation service related to SEO, Google Adwords, Email Marketing, and much more.
Magento Extension Development
CrocoIT's team is the best in assisting you in installing a new extension or even theme. So, whether your business needs a new or customized one, our experts will stick to your business needs and provide you with the most suitable solution to the situation.
Magento Training
Our team members are not ordinary specialists; they are a team of experts and Magento certified developers that have the expertise and knowledge to guide you and your team the way to the best version of you.
Magento Hosting
CrocoIT can assist you in setting up your eCommerce store to be hosted on a specific server of your preference or even in scaling up your server infrastructure upon your demand.
Strategy & Business Development
CrocoIT's experts have the know-how to consult you in business development and setting custom-made strategy for your business according to your needs.