Hairburst Arabia is a nutritional food supplements company that helps women all over the world
to maintain the health of their skin and hair. Its products add all the vital vitamins and nutrients
that anybody needs to grow stronger and longer hair!

There was no clear shipping method, yet they even haven't had a store switcher that shifts
between different currencies. They didn't have a user-friendly interface that eases all the
process on their customers.

Provided Solutions
CrocoIT built an E-commerce website using Magento and implemented Odoo system. Here is
what we exactly did:
● Redesigned and implemented front-end UI and Ux of the e-commerce website to fit
customer business nature
● Applied sale dropshipping (a connection between Magento and Odoo)
● Created a store switcher based on different currencies
● Applied a Fawry payment method and other customized payment methods
● Setting a logistics and shipping module (Odoo)
A1 Natural is one of the famous suppliers, importers, and distributors of cosmetics,
pharmaceutical, and natural based products. They focus on natural products that are based on
raw materials since 2010.

A1 Natural didn't have a shipment management system, or even an inventory management
system, so apparently, they were facing problems regarding management in general.

Provided Solutions
Implemented all-in-one Odoo system that manages b2b business including the following:
● Drop shipping services
● Inventory management
● Purchase
● B2b management system
● Sales
● Accounting
● Logistic and shipping management
Almasry Pharmacy is the first clinical pharmacy in Egypt; they check for their customers the
drug-drug and drug-food interactions for better medicine performance and fewer side effects. It
is also the first pharmacy that got interested in alternative and herbal medicine. Their
pharmacists are qualified for recommending the best medicines for pregnancy according to
programs that are designed especially for this purpose.

Almasry pharmacy was facing many problems regarding managing the inventory process as
they were working manually without a system. Integrating was difficult with other systems, and
there was no HR system including payroll, recruitment, and attendance system.

Provided Solutions
● Odoo system
● Point of sale
● Inventory management
● Accounting
● Hr system including ( payroll, recruitment and attendance system)
● Barcode and expire system
● Fleet management
● Purchase
Eilaaf is the first innovative mobile platform that connects service providers with masses of
consumers in a mobile app. A Mobile App provides easy communication between consumers
and service providers.

Eilaaf was facing problems with the performance; They were using old technologies that were
affecting the whole experience for their customers.

Provided Solutions
Reviewed code
Quality assurance and testing
Upgraded to the latest technologies and design patterns in both Android and iOS
Installed on the Amazon environment to enhance performance
ISG Integrated Solutions Gate is an Egyptian investment company that is headquartered in
Cairo and has active branches in the UK and USA. As a multinational company, it helps many
companies in different sectors and offers E-commerce system and open source ERP.

ISG Integrated Solutions Gate had no specific system to be used in managing the whole
process. Its team members were facing problems in keeping track of their daily tasks.

Provided solutions
CrocoIT's experts have implemented Odoo system that has all-in-one business services
including the following:
● Multi-company management module
● Multi-currency management module
● Accounting
Herbsgate is an Online Pharmacy serving the Arab world with a range of high profile
supplements, cosmetics, personal hygiene and public health imported from the USA and

There was no exact payment method and many problems that faced Herbsgate to integrate
their website with Aramex. The frontend didn't fit Herbsgate business nature.

Provided Solutions
● Stored switcher based on user country and browser language
● Implemented Fawry payment method
● Data scraping and customization to fit Magento
● Fixed and implemented Aramex integration
● ERP connector between Magento and Odoo

● Redesigned and implemented frontend
● Implemented reward points
● Implemented referral programs
● Added RMA feature
● Redesigned Email templates
● Created a connection with Facebook Pixel