Nothing is more valuable than Hairburst Arabia Customers!
Hairburst Arabia is a nutritional food supplements company that helps women all over the world
to maintain the health of their skin and hair. Its products add all the vital vitamins and nutrients
that anybody needs to grow stronger and longer hair!

There was no clear shipping method, yet they even haven't had a store switcher that shifts
between different currencies. They didn't have a user-friendly interface that eases all the
process on their customers.

Provided Solutions
CrocoIT built an E-commerce website using Magento and implemented Odoo system. Here is
what we exactly did:
● Redesigned and implemented front-end UI and Ux of the e-commerce website to fit
customer business nature
● Applied sale dropshipping (a connection between Magento and Odoo)
● Created a store switcher based on different currencies
● Applied a Fawry payment method and other customized payment methods
● Setting a logistics and shipping module (Odoo)

Creating possibilities for Herbsgate
Herbsgate is an Online Pharmacy serving the Arab world with a range of high profile
supplements, cosmetics, personal hygiene and public health imported from the USA and

There was no exact payment method and many problems that faced Herbsgate to integrate
their website with Aramex. The frontend didn't fit Herbsgate business nature.

Provided Solutions
● Stored switcher based on user country and browser language
● Implemented Fawry payment method
● Data scraping and customization to fit Magento
● Fixed and implemented Aramex integration
● ERP connector between Magento and Odoo

● Redesigned and implemented frontend
● Implemented reward points
● Implemented referral programs
● Added RMA feature
● Redesigned Email templates
● Created a connection with Facebook Pixel

A new redesigned Teeela team
Teeela is an E-commerce website that sells a wide range of toys. They provide their customers
with an exceptional experience by the fast delivery service and different payment options that
they easily can choose what suits them the most.

Teeela's team was facing difficulties in managing their own store. There was an obvious
problem in their website payment methods. The performance of their website was very slow.

Provided Solutions
● Implemented gift wrap feature
● Added gift message feature to both backend and mobile app
● Implemented gift message card printing preparation
● Fixed and implemented Knet (Payment method)
● Implemented Credit card (Payment method)
● Developed and implemented two new payment methods to work properly in both mobile
and backend
● Moved Teeela's hosting to Amazon with load balance preparations which were affecting
the performance of the APP
● Redesigned invoices to meet Teeela branding and fixed PDF language problems
● Trained Teeela team, so they can now manage the whole store