Odoo Services
Odoo is a fully featured delivery software including creative business solution apps such as CRM, POS, Website Builder, eCommerce, Sales, Billing, Accounting, Manufacturing, Warehouse or inventory, HR, Project management, Marketing tools, and much more. They all have the same goal to grow your project's business. More than 2 million people all over the world use Odoo to boost and improve their business productivity, run their operation processes, organize marketing activities, and increase their sales.
Odoo Services
As Odoo is a vast ERP system that integrates business functions into one comprehensive system, so when you decide to use it, you will need proper guidance to walk you through the system and its functionalities smoothly without wasting time and money. Our CrocoIT experts will not only implement your Odoo but also will be a trustworthy consultant to your company.
A configuration in brief words is the process of setting the parameters of software to fit your company's needs, so it is an essential mission that needs experts of experts. Our CrocoIT experts will assist in constructing your Odoo system effortlessly.
We can offer a unique Odoo experience by customizing your system to fit your business needs the way you dreamed of without losing the functionalities of the standard Odoo enterprise edition.
When your team knows how to get the required results in Odoo, you will save time and money, so we offer training services as we know the importance of having well-trained employees that understand the secrets of Odoo system.
Our technical support staff is working with you hand to hand to find quick solutions in hazy situations and always keep improving the ERP system, Odoo, to get the maximum results of it.
We offer services to upgrade your Odoo releases easily without any hassle. So, we will keep you updated by providing the bridge to migrate your data to move to the next phase efficiently.
CrocoIT developers can easily install Odoo on any cloud servers like Amazon, Raskspace, MyHosting, Digitalocean, etc.. or even on your server on your premises.