Collaborating for a Quality System in Almasry Pharmacy

Date:June 29, 2020
Almasry Pharmacy is the first clinical pharmacy in Egypt; they check for their customers the
drug-drug and drug-food interactions for better medicine performance and fewer side effects. It
is also the first pharmacy that got interested in alternative and herbal medicine. Their
pharmacists are qualified for recommending the best medicines for pregnancy according to
programs that are designed especially for this purpose.

Almasry pharmacy was facing many problems regarding managing the inventory process as
they were working manually without a system. Integrating was difficult with other systems, and
there was no HR system including payroll, recruitment, and attendance system.

Provided Solutions
● Odoo system
● Point of sale
● Inventory management
● Accounting
● Hr system including ( payroll, recruitment and attendance system)
● Barcode and expire system
● Fleet management
● Purchase
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